H&H Automotive is one the oldest auto repair shops in Charlotte as well the oldest in the South End and Dilworth areas. Tony Honey opened it in the mid 40's under the name of Honey's Garage. It was originally located at the corner of South and East Blvd, now occupied by Fuel Pizza. Honey's garage operated 24/7 with a half day only on Christmas day.

During the mid 50's the shop moved to the 1600 block of South Blvd. And the named changed to H&H Motor Company. The garage then moved to it's present location in 1955 as Tony Honey took on partner Peter Harakas. Mr. Harakas passed away in the mid 60's while Tony continued to work until the mid 80's. Gus Mandrapilias began working at H&H in 1975. He was able to purchase the business from Mr. Honey in the mid 80's and continued working until August 30th, 2008.

Dean Mandrepilias, Gus's son, started working full time at H&H in 2004. Sept 1st, 2008 brought new changes for the auto repair shop. Dean Mandrapilias as the new owner, with a new name, H&H Automotive. Although the name is new, we continue the same tradition of quality work, reasonable prices, and outstanding service.